SEER Ratings 101 – Everything You Need to Know Why it Matters…

Homeowners don’t realize the difference installing an energy-efficient air conditioning system can make. Aside from saving you more money on your energy bill, today’s units are more powerful and effective than those installed 10 years ago. Improvements in technologies allow consumers to automatically fine-tune the quality of the air in their homes. SEER ratings provide homeowners with an easy way to understand the maximum efficiency capabilities of their AC system.

So What Does SEER Stand For?

The term SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. This formula identifies the ratio between the cooling capacity and the energy needed to properly operate the equipment. The number is an average for the summer months (June-August). The ratio is determined using a steady indoor temperature and a range of outdoor temperatures. The Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute can provide you with more information in regards to this calculation. You can find this in the document “AHRI Standard 210/240-2008.”

What is the Ideal SEER Rating?

Higher SEER numbers indicate that the AC unit is requiring less energy and therefore less money to operate. Units rated with a SEER 14 are more than adequate for the majority of homes. Units that are more than 10 years old are typically a SEER 6 or lower. These are often inefficient and more expensive to operate. Units rated at or above SEER 15 may or may not be a cost-effective purchase for your home. There are several factors that determine which SEER rating is most suitable for your home. You can depend on your installer to help you figure out which would work best for you. At Phoenix Comfort, we offer free estimates on new AC installations and would love to help you get the most efficient unit for your home.

A Few More Things You Need to Know about SEER Ratings…

Many clients assume that they can improve their system’s SEER rating by replacing components in an existing compressor, but unfortunately that is not the case. The cost-savings perk comes in a packaged deal and cannot be created by switching or replacing parts. The entire system has to be built for energy efficiency, not just a few components. Look for Energy Star products as they are energy-efficient and well priced– plus they have high SEER ratings and that is what you want, right?

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