The 4 Most Common Symptoms of Air Conditioner Compressor Failure…

When AC compressor failure causes your system to break down, you have a major AC emergency service problem and a big expense on your hands. If we could choose one component of an air conditioning system as the most important, it would be the compressor. The compressor is a vital and expensive component, and when it goes you may find yourself dropping a lot of cash on a new AC unit. The good news is, as much as 80 percent of the causes of AC compressor failure are preventable if the problems leading to the failure are corrected in a timely manner. These problems can be detected and eliminated during regular AC preventative maintenance. the following tips below are signs you may have a compressor that needs professional help.

When The AC Isn’t Cooling Your Home

You notice it’s too hot in your space and the AC is not achieving the set temperature. When you check out your indoor unit, the fan seems to be working fine. But then you check out the condensing unit. While you do hear the fan, and there is power to the unit, the compressor does not appear to be running at all. The compressor is responsible for putting the refrigerant under pressure and heating it up so it goes through the cycle of heat exchange that transports the heat out of the house. Your first course of action should be to turn down the thermostat to try to get the compressor to come on. If it doesn’t, it may have already failed due to any number of underlying problems. At this point, you don’t want to fool around with it; call in an HVAC expert to diagnose what’s happened.

When the AC is Very Noisy

You hear grinding, clicking sounds in the outdoor condenser cabinet. Clicking noise as the AC tries to start can advise you the compressor is the culprit. These symptoms of AC compressor failure can happen due to failing electrical components or even a fan motor that has become dislodged and is rattling around inside the condenser unit. However, you should have it fixed before strain on the system leads to compressor failure.

When Your AC is Shaking and Rattling

If you see the condenser vibrating, that is a problem. Shaking and rattling of an air conditioning condenser are usually caused by the fan mounted inside the top of the condenser when it becomes unbalanced. A severely unbalanced fan blade will come apart inside the condenser and can damage the internal components and condenser coils that encircle it. The compressor is likely “hard starting” which means it’s having trouble turning on. That often happens just before it fails. Never ignore this symptom of AC compressor failure! Immediately turn the system off and call in an HVAC professional to inspect your compressor.

When your AC Unit Is Losing Power and Tripping the Circuit Breaker

The AC comes on, and then a circuit breaker trips. This often means the fan motor is overheating. However, if it is the outdoor unit causing the problem this is a major warning the compressor motor is overheating and in danger of burning out. Don’t just keep resetting the circuit breaker and turning the system back on! Your circuit breaker is doing its job and protecting you from a potential fire hazard. This is a big warning sign to call for repairs.

Don’t ignore symptoms of AC compressor failure. While it may be tempting to put off dealing with symptoms of AC compressor failure (hoping the problem might just go away on its own) that’s unlikely to happen. And you’ll likely cause more damage and higher repair bills by waiting. If you’re not a trained electrician or AC technician, you don’t want to be attempting to fix these issues yourself. Call a professional technician it will be less expensive in the long run.

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