Heating Systems Installation & Repair

heatingPhoenix Comfort provides residential and commercial heating installation and repair, planned maintenance, and emergency repairs on all brands of systems. We carry a full line of quiet, energy-efficient Tempstar heating equipment.

Do you have an old heating system that’s just outlasted its useful life?

Do you want to significantly reduce your energy bills?

Phoenix Comfort Systems can create a custom heating system that fulfills all your needs! 

Special Considerations

Do you have a home office with special needs or an exercise room that you want to keep extra cool? What rooms do you entertain in and should certain rooms be closed off when not occupied? Considerations like these are what goes into creating your custom air conditioning system.

Comfort Considerations

Do you have stale air problems? Are specific rooms always too hot or too cold?  Is your current system too loud? Is your space too humid or too dry?

Health/Safety Considerations

Is indoor air quality a must because of respiratory conditions? Is humidity control very important for your health?  Do you have child safety concerns?

Property Considerations

Are you planning home renovations or adding on to your home in the near future?

Financial Considerations

Is saving money on energy consumption and operating cost in the long term very important to you? Do you need financing options?  Do you lease your property and want to take special precautions to alleviate risk and liability?

Phoenix Comfort Systems is proud to be a distributor of Tempstar air conditioning and heating systems…

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