HVAC Design & Construction

HVAC Design & Construction

Phoenix Comfort is an experienced HVAC contractor who can design and install, modernize, or upgrade your HVAC system for maximum comfort, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality.

You can count on our seasoned technicians who have years of training and experience in creating and installing the perfect custom HVAC solution for your new property.

Load Calculation Considerations

We carefully analyze each project to ensure that the right HVAC system will be installed to provide the exact amount of heating, cooling and ventilation that will be needed throughout the year and its different seasons.

Insulation Considerations

To maintain a comfortable indoor temperature as well as energy efficiency, you will need to consider how to use insulation. We take into consideration the legal amount of insulation that is required, as well as the requirements of the property we are working on, knowing that without proper insulation, an HVAC system will have to work harder and wastes energy. We also take into consideration the ventilation needs of the property.

Attic Ventilation Considerations

Traditional ventilation in you property is necessary to maintain a steady flow of fresh air, but attic ventilation is also recommended to reduce attic temperatures, and lower the amount of cooling needed during warmer months.

Zone Control Systems

Zoning is a great way to reduce energy loss and improve comfort levels. We can install a thermostat in each room of the property to control where the heating or cooling needs to be distributed. Rooms not in use won’t be heated or cooled, and different zones can keep a temperature that you designate.


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