Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner May Be Leaking Water…

If you listen closely to the sounds your central air conditioner makes as it is running, you might hear the sound of dripping water. While your AC doesn’t use water to cool, water is a byproduct of its operations. This means that your air conditioning system might begin to leak. If you notice water pooling around your AC, you will need to get a professional to service your air conditioning unit. This is not a problem you’ll want to set aside for another day. The following explains where water is coming from and what could be causing the leak…

Why Do You Have Water in Your AC?

Where is the water coming from? The evaporator coil located in the indoor unit of your air conditioner is where the cold refrigerant removes heat from the air that then makes its way into the ductwork. As the refrigerant begins to evaporate because it is in contact with warmer air, moisture in the air causes it to condense outside of the coil. These are the same droplets you see on the outside of a glass filled with an ice cold beverage. This condensated moisture drips from the coil into a pan beneath it, where a pump and drain removes it to the outside. So why is water leaking?

Your Condensate Pan May Be Overflowing

This is most often the reason water is leaking from an AC unit. If excessive moisture flows down into the pan, the drain can become clogged, or the motor in the pump burns out, the water has to go somewhere– right over the edge of the pan. This pan was not designed to hold much water, it is only an inch deep. The drain can become clogged due to algae growth or dirt and small stones that may have made their way into your AC system. If the evaporator coil freezes over, which is its own disaster, the ice melt can cause an excessive amount of water to fall into the pan which, in turn, causes it to overflow. An experienced technician can fix these problems by thoroughly cleaning the pan and drain or by examining the unit to determine what caused the coil to freeze.

Your Pan May Be Corroded

In older AC units, particularly those that have not received routine maintenance, the condensate pan and the drain can become corroded. Just another reason to make sure you invest in regular maintenance as it is essential to keeping your AC functioning properly. Such corrosion weakens the metal and causes holes to open up in it. This will lead to water leaking from it. If your drain corrodes, it can break away from the pan and leave a decent size hole right in the center of the drip pan. This can be repaired by fixing the drainage assembly or potentially replacing the pan or drain all together. If your AC is 15 years or older, these problems are typically a clear sign that you need a new air conditioning unit.

Refrigerant May Also Be Leaking With the Water

Another liquid that can leak from your AC which can be confused with water is the refrigerant. Leaking refrigerant is a problem that must be repaired immediately. And while our technicians can repair it without any problems, you should not put this kind of repair off. Lost refrigerant can put your entire AC unit in jeopardy regardless of how old it may be.

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