Some Rooms Hot? Some Rooms Cold? The Problem Could Be Where Your Thermostat Is Located!…

This room is too hot! This room is too cold! What you really want to hear and feel, is this your room is just right! It could be that your thermostat is in the wrong place to make both rooms just right. Here are some suggestions to consider with the location of your thermostat…

  • Is your thermostat near the kitchen or bathroom? If so the heat and steam from these rooms can cause your thermostat to give an inaccurate reading.
  • Is your thermostat on an interior or exterior wall? If your thermostat is located on an exterior wall, this can cause your thermostat to give cooler readings and leave your room not feeling the temperature you would prefer.
  • Is your thermostat located near a garage or outside door? If so, drafts can cause your thermostat to give inaccurate readings.

The Best Place for Your Thermostat

Usually, we are not able to choose the location of our thermostat when we move in a home. This has already been done for us. However, for homeowners who build their home, they can choose the location of their thermostat. If you thermostat is already in place, it could be worth your time and money to consider moving it. Moving the thermostat will not only give you accurate temperature readings, it will increase the comfortability of your home, and save you money on your utility bill.

Things to Consider When Picking a Thermostat’s Location…

  • Place your thermostat on an interior wall
  • Your thermostat should be in a room that is highly used
  • Don’t place your thermostat near doors, the kitchen, or bathroom
  • Don’t place your thermostat on the same wall as a heat/air vent

You Can try to do all of this yourself 


Save yourself the hassle and call in a professional.

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