What Temperature Should My Thermostat Be Set For In The Winter?

How do you determine the best heating temperature for your home? It is still coat and scarf weather outside but indoors we are enjoying the heat of summer.  Do you sometimes wonder if your heating temperature is set too high in the winter? Or maybe even too low?  We would like to share some data from research done about what the best indoor temperature should be during the winter months.

Should We Turn Up The Heat?

Of course, where you live will dictate a lot of the variances.  If you live in a humid climate, a few degrees lower can really feel a lot more comfortable. However, if you are in the northern dryer climate, you will likely feel more comfortable with a couple degrees added to the thermostat. Research shows that the average household thermostat is set to 73 F.

How Turning Up The Thermostat Raises Your Heat Bill

Do keep in mind that as you raise the temperature on your thermostat you are raising your utility bill, as well. A poll warned that this is hitting our pockets severely – with every degree adding ten percent to already crippling energy costs. Adding humidity like a whole house humidifier can really help during the winter months with keeping the temperature lower while staying warm.

Government Health Advice

Martin Bennett, CEO of HomeServe, a leading home assistance company, says sixty-nine percent of thermostats are located away from key family areas like the living room, which makes it hard to run your heating efficiently.
Government health advice is that living rooms should be heated to temperatures of 70F and the rest of the house to 64F. It’s helpful to shut your doors to bedrooms during the day in order to keep heat in the main parts of your home. And remember to close curtains or blinds.

Invest In And Optimize A Programmable Thermostat

There is no perfect winter interior temperature for every home, and the savviest homeowners realize there is no perfect temperature for every moment in their home. Times when your home is left empty – such as work hours or traveling periods – present ideal opportunities to lower the temperature and reduce expenses. However, many homeowners miss this opportunity because they find constantly programming their thermostats too time-consuming. Others simply forget. But instead of focusing on a perfect number, you will benefit from establishing an energy-efficient winter heating strategy that will keep your home warm and your thermostat settings reasonable so you won’t face large energy bills.

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