Heating Problems That We See Most Often Through the Winter

cold-inside-houseFrozen Pipes

Pipes and coils freeze over and can stop functioning properly. Hot water heaters and steam radiators can fail as the pipes freeze. Home owners will need to turn off their water if they suspect pipe freezing since the pressure can burst the pipes. 

Uneven Air Flow & Temperature

Rooms in your home or office are different temperatures. It could be do to cracks or holes around windowsills and doorways. It could be that vents and ducts need to be inspected to clear them of blockages.

Heat Pump Problems

Some homes use exterior heat pumps to keep them warm but snow and icy and break them or cause them to not work to full capacity. Most times it’s a broken fan motor or coil blockage. Most heat pumps have a automatic defrost setting but it can break and leave you to clear away the frost manually.   

Dirty Heater Air Filters

As heaters are used more and more, their filters can get clogged with dust and dirt.  These blockages will allow for less airflow and less warmth in the home or office will be the result. 

Broken Thermostats

A thermostat can sometimes be the only problem you have.  Sometimes it’s the electronics inside, sometimes its the wiring behind it that need fixed or replaced. Thermostats will need to be calibrated to work properly with the heater. 

Bad Pilot Light

Some pilot lights fail to come on, some don’t burn hot enough to fire the furnace and need to be replaced. 

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

A cracked or rusted heater or back ventilation can cause a carbon monoxide to building up in your home or office which is very dangerous for the people inside these homes or offices. 

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