HVAC Tips – How To Light Your Furnace’s Standing Pilot Light…

standing pilot lightWith cooler weather coming in and warmer weather going out, it’s time to crank up the furnace. Most newer furnaces come with automatic burner ignition but older furnaces still have a standing pilot light that needs to be on for your furnace to work. If you have an older furnace and you’re not getting your property to heat then you may want to check the standing pilot light.

The Standing Pilot Light’s Role

It’s called a standing pilot light in a gas furnace because it’s always burning.  It’s this flame that gives your gas burner ignition and it can’t ignite without it.

The Thermocouple’s Role

The thermocouple knows if the pilot light (flame) is on or not. If there is a flame, the thermocouple keeps the valve to the pilot light open and allows the main gas valve to open when it is time to ignite the furnace. If the flame isn’t on then the thermocouple will shut down the gas valve.

Getting Your Pilot Light Back On

The steps to getting your pilot light back on will be a bit different depending on your furnace model and pilot gas valve type.

  1. Find your furnace instructions. A lot of times the instructions are inside the cover panel.
  2. Make sure to turn your room thermostat to the “Heating” mode with the temperature all the way up
  3. Open the furnace and find the pilot gas valve.
  4. Look for the “pilot” setting. Normally labeled “On”, “Pilot”, and “Off”.
  5. Turn the pilot setting to “Off” and wait about 3 minutes to allow and gas to leave before lighting a flame.
  6. Find the pilot burner.
  7. Turn the “pilot” setting to “Pilot”.
  8. Light the pilot flame. Place your lit match or ignited lighter tip at the pilot and push down knob or button for about 30 seconds. The pilot should light within seconds. Try to use a long fireplace match or a gas grill lighter.
  9. Turn the “pilot setting” to “On”.
  10. Change your room thermostat to a comfortable setting.

Sometimes there is more wrong with your furnace than the pilot light.  It could be that the pilot valve or thermocouple is broken and you need that replaced. Maybe you just would rather have a professional check it all out.  That’s what we’re here for!

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