5 Signs That You Need to Call a Heating Professional For a Service Call…

Servicing or repairing a Furnace is never something you are excited to do! We get it… but you can save yourself a bunch of time, money, and hassle by servicing your furnace before it breaks. The following are 5 signs that you are about to have a problem and need to call an HVAC professional…

You Hear Weird Noises Coming From Your Furnace or Vents 

Sounds are signs that something is going exactly right. Sometimes it can be down right bad and some times not such a huge repair. Buzzing sounds generally seem to be electrical issues and screeches are usually parts that are wearing out. Pops and bangs can meat your heat exchanger is getting damaged and you don’t what that at all! Have a HVAC professional out to diagnose the noise and fix your furnace before you’re confronted with a major repair. 

Your Heating Bills Seem Really High

If you heating bills are going up, your furnace is running longer. If you are spending more than last year during the same type of weather then there is some kind of problem that needs investigating. Could be ventilation, could be a thermostat, or it could be something else. 

You Turn Your Thermostat Up but It Doesn’t Reach the Temperature You Want

This usually isn’t a thermostat problem but it means your furnace is working really hard without the desired result… HEAT! This could be a number of things but the worst part is your wearing down your furnace to the point where it will give out. 

You Hear Your Furnace Stop and Start A Lot

This is called a short cycle and it means that your furnace isn’t running long enough to be efficient. It takes a bunch of energy to start so you don’t want your furnace to have to start up more than needed. It could also be that your furnace is too powerful for your home and that is a whole other set of issues. 

Your Pilot Light is Yellow

For your furnace to run safely, you want your pilot light and burners to be blue. If they aren’t blue, then you may have substances like rust on the burners that are causing problems. If you notice a flame discoloration, shut of the furnace and have a professional in to figure out your problem. 

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