Will Your Air Conditioner Be Ready When You Most Need It This Spring and Summer? See What to Check…

Before the heat of summer sets in it’s a good idea to check your system for any problems or needed maintenance to insure that your A/C is in peak working condition when starting it up for the first time this season. By checking your system early, you can do simple repairs or call for service from a professional before the weather gets warmer. Waiting until the first hot day of summer to turn on your system could mean days of discomfort while you wait for repairs. There are a few simple steps you can take to inspect the different parts of the system to be sure your air conditioning unit will work when you need it. NOTE: this will all sound easy to do but it’s much easier and not very expensive to just call a professional HVAC technician to help or better yet have a maintenance agreement that covers all of this maintenance every year without you worrying about it. 

Indoor Equipment

  • Begin with the thermostat in the “Off” position and with the temperature set around 80 degrees, then check the following…
  • Look at the thermostat – Is it outdated? Start saving money and energy by installing a newer, programmable thermostat.
  • Check exposed ductwork for wear – This could be a source of inefficiency in the home.
  • Check air vents around the home – Be sure airflow isn’t blocked by draperies or furniture.
  • Check the drain line – Flush one cup of chlorine bleach down your air conditioning drain and rinse it with a gallon of water. This can help to keep your drain clear through the summer.
  • Change the air filter – Change the filter every three months and before the start of every cooling or heating season.
  • Check circuits – To be sure electrical connections are on.
  • Be sure the power is turned “On”– at the furnace/air conditioning unit.

Outdoor Equipment

Next, check the outdoor equipment for wear and possible overgrowth.

  • Inspect the outdoor condenser unit – Check for any blockage in the equipment and clear the area around the unit. Leaves or debris can block the interior components and affect performance.
  • Visually check the refrigerant lines – Be sure the lines are insulated. Proper insulation will improve the efficiency of the system. Repairs to the insulation or refrigerant lines should always be done by a professional.
  • Check the outdoor electrical wiring for wear – If you see damage or wear, call a professional for service before using your system.

Try it Out: Turning on Your System

After you have checked your indoor and outdoor equipment as described above, it’s time to turn on the system for a test run…

  • To begin, lower the temperature on your thermostat to the desired level and turn the system “On” at the thermostat.
  • Next, go outside and listen to make sure the fan in the condenser is running and that is doesn’t sound irregular. The air coming out of the top of the unit should feel warm as warm air is being removed from your home by the system.
  • Let the system continue to run for 10-15 minutes or until you can feel the indoor temperature cooling off in all parts of the home.
  • Keep in mind – you can lower costs by simply increasing the temperature on your thermostat by a few degrees to help keep your energy bills under control during those hot summer months.

Maintenance is KEY

Stay ahead of the curve and hire a good service technician at least once per year for regular maintenance service to guarantee your system is running efficiently in each season. If you encountered problems or concerns during your air conditioning inspection, consult a professional for service in advance of the summer season so your A/C system will be up and running to keep you cool all summer long!

Phoenix Comfort’s Planned Maintenance Agreement

Phoenix Comfort’s planned maintenance programs keep your central heating and air conditioning systems from losing their efficiency over time and becoming more and more expensive to operate. Our maintenance agreements provide manufacturers’ recommended maintenance procedures to your heating and air conditioning systems. We come out for a planned annual or semi-annual  inspection and tune-up service that is designed to meet or exceed all manufacturer and extended-warranty requirements, and adheres to recommended procedures outlined by the Department of Energy and local utility companies.

Improving the Health of Your HVAC System and Saving You Money

  • Inspection and tune-ups allow us to find and fix minor issues before they can become larger issues.
  • You will receive 15% discounts on all repairs.
  • Tune-ups on your heating and air conditioning systems will improve your comfort and save you up to 50% on your energy costs.
  • If a repair of ours fails during that season, we will repair it again at no charge.
  • We keep track of your inspection and tune-up schedule and will contact you to schedule the appointments.
  • You receive priority service and are moved to the top of the service list if your system is having problems.

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