Is it Hot In Your House? Here Are a Few Things That May Be Causing Your Cooling Problems…

hot in house HVAC problemsIf you air conditioner is running by not cooling your home or office there are some quick things to check that can make a world of difference to your cooling efficiency. It’s always best call call a professional into fix your AC but this article goes through some simple repairs you may be able to make yourself if you are confident in your sills. If not, it’s best to call a professional as quick as you can so you can get back to being comfortable in your home or office. 

Check the Air Filter

All central heating and cooling systems have air filters that protect your unit from the build-up of dust and lint. Find the filter and pull it out to see if it dirty. If it’s dirty, replace it. If it’s clean make sure to put it back in. Do not leave it out while going out to buy a new filter. If you find your system doesn’t have a filter at all, that could be causing the problem and you may need your cooling coil cleaned by a professional.

Check the Outdoor Unit

The outside unit contains the compressor which is the most important part of your air conditioning system. In the unit around the compressor you should see the condenser coil. It resembles a car radiator. If this coil isn’t clean then the compressor will overheat and won’t be able to cool your home or office. Shut off all power to the unit and make sure grass, leaves, or dirt are cleaned off of the coil. Make sure not to bend the fragile fins of the coil. Use a hose to clean the coil but don’t use a pressure nozzle. You can use your hands to pull off debris on the outside of the unit and then a soft bristle brush. Again, we recommend you let a professional do this job for you because you can mess us the condenser coil very easily.

Are the Compressor and the Fan Working?

Before turning back on the power, try spinning the fan blade inside the unit to see if it can spin freely. If not, that could be the problem and your motor could be shot and may need to be replaced. If it spins fine then wait a 1/2 hour after washing the condenser coil and turn the power back on. Turn on the unit from the thermostat. Then go outside and listen for the compressor to kick on. If the fan is running it maybe hard to tell. Be very careful and feel the copper pipes that run into your house from the unit. One should warm up and the other should cool down. If there is no noticeable temperature difference between the pipes, then the compressor isn’t working. It may not be coming out and it may be out of refrigerant. At this point you will need to call in a professional HVAC company for some help.

Try to do all of this yourself 


Save yourself the hassle and call in a professional.

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