HVAC Tips – What To Do If Your Northern Kentucky Air Conditioner has a Refrigerant or Freon Leak

freonRefrigerant or “Freon” is used to transfer heat “out of” or “into” your home. The efficiency of your HVAC system is compromised when the right levels of refrigerant are not kept in your HVAC Equipment. If your equipment has too much refrigerant it is said be “over-charged.” If your HVAC equipment has too little refrigerant than its undercharged.  Overcharged and undercharged HVAC equipment will have a hard time cooling or heating your home effectively or efficiently.

Maybe You Have a Leak?

If you have a refrigerant leak than you will started to notice higher energy bills since your equipment has to work harder to move the air.

Refrigerant Leak Symptoms…

  • Cool but not cold air
  • Higher than normal  energy bills
  • Seems like your A/C Equipment never stops running

It’s an Easy Fix

If your A/C is just 1 pound low on refrigerant you will start to notice a difference in your comfort and energy bills. Most HVAC company maintenance packages include periodic test of your refrigerants.

Phoenix Comfort’s planned maintenance programs keep your central heating and air conditioning systems from losing their efficiency over time and becoming more and more expensive to operate.  

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