HVAC Tips – How To Decide if You Should Repair or Replace Your HVAC Heating and Cooling Equipment

Should you repair or replace your heating or cooling equipment when it has a problem? It depends on how much lower the equipment should last and how much your equipment is worth at the time of the problem. We don’t always rush to replace the equipment. Sometimes a nice fix is a better fit for the situation and your budget. Every situation is different and requires a conversation but we’ve provided a simple rule of them diagram based on repair costs and the age of your equipment for both furnaces and air conditioners.

When to Replace Heating Cooling Equipment Diagram

Using This Diagram

So using the diagram you can see that it may be best to replace your Air Conditioner if its 12 years old and the repair will cost $800. But you may be selling the home and not want to buy a replacement.  So it all depends! Use the rule of thumb but also take into consideration your situation.

Replacement is an Opportunity to Improve Utility Bills and Comfort

When you need to replace your equipment it is an opportunity to improve your home comfort and lower your utility bills. Ask your HVAC company about high efficiency furnaces and variable speed blowers and how they can save you on your monthly bills. Then weigh the pros and cons.

Do You Trust Your HVAC Company?  You Need an Honest Assessment of Your Equipment

Sometimes 10 year old equipment  that was installed poorly needs to be replaced and sometimes 20 year old equipment works like new because it’s been well taken care of over the years. Every situation is different and everyone’s needs are different. Make sure you are working with someone you can trust!

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