Energy Efficiency Tip #1 – How to Find Air Leaks That Are Needlessly Adding to Your Energy Bills

Home expensesBefore the Fall and Winter come by this year it’s best to see what you can do to make your home Energy Efficient now. One of the best ways to save money on heating and cooling your home is sealing and insulating it. 

Finding Air Leaks

People notice air leaks more easily in the winter as they come from windows and doors, but the real energy drains come from your attic and basement. These attic and basement leaks can significantly raise your energy bill and make your house uncomfortable because heat rises.  So a leak in your attic will let all your warm air disappear at an alarming rate. Yes, your attic is insulated but insulation does not seal air leaks.  It can also be difficult to locate the air leaks because they are hidden under insulation.

Most Common Air Leaks

  • Behind attic knee-walls
  • Around and through the attic hatch
  • Holes where electrical wiring passes through
  • Holes where plumbing vents pass through
  • An open soffit that may contain recessed lights
  • Around and through recessed lights
  • Through chases (hollow boxes or walls) used for furnace vents or air ducts
  • Around basement rim joists, where the wood framing connects to the foundation

Know where these common leak areas are in your home by making a sketch of it. Find out where soffits over kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities are in your home.  Be on the lookout for slanted ceilings over stairways or where walls meet the ceiling. Find all dropped-ceiling areas and investigate. All these common problem area can lead directly into the attic and can be huge sources of air leaks.

Do all of this yourself 


Save yourself the hassle and call in a professional.

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Our Energy Efficiency Tips Series

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