HVAC Tips – Great Ways to Lower Your Heating Costs This Winter!

Get Your Home Ready for Winter Add weather stripping to doors and windows and calk where you see gaps. Add more insulation in your home or commercial building to save on energy costs Wrap hot water heaters with insulation also Add gaskets on all outside wall electrical outlets and switches Get a Programmable Thermostat and Use… [Read More]

Should I Winterize My Air Conditioning Unit When the Weather Changes?

When the weather turns colder, there are thing we must do to prepare our homes for the winter. One of your winterizing tasks will be to make sure your Air Conditioning unit is ready for the cold weather so we can increase it’s life and cut down on cold drafts throughout your home. One of your… [Read More]

Heating Problems That We See Most Often Through the Winter

Frozen Pipes Pipes and coils freeze over and can stop functioning properly. Hot water heaters and steam radiators can fail as the pipes freeze. Home owners will need to turn off their water if they suspect pipe freezing since the pressure can burst the pipes.  Uneven Air Flow & Temperature Rooms in your home or… [Read More]