10 Questions To Ask HVAC Professionals Before Allowing Them To Install or Repair Your Air Conditioner or Furnace…

Questions to ask HVAC professionals before letting them work on your AC or Furnace… Are you and your subcontractors licensed to do HVAC installation and repairs? – Almost all homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover work completed by unlicensed contractors. Are you insured to do HVAC installation and repairs? – Your homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover… [Read More]

HVAC Tips – How To Hire a Qualified Technician and Company To Fix or Install Your HVAC Equipment

Almost all homeowners will eventually need a HVAC Technician to repair or replace their heating and cooling system. In these cases, you want to make sure you contact with a professionally trained HVAC service technician to install, maintain, or repair you HVAC system. The following are tips to help homeowners hire the best HVAC company…… [Read More]

HVAC Tips – Why You Don’t Want To Fix Your Own Furnace or Air Conditioner

Most of the time when a do it your selfer tries to fix a piece of modern HVAC equipment, they cause even more problems for their HVAC system. In most cases, it just doesn’t make sense for homeowners to try to fix their own furnaces and heaters and here is why… Time – We Should… [Read More]

Get Your Free Energy Efficiency Tips Ebook – Enjoy Lower Energy Bills and a Longer Life for Your HVAC Equipment!

One of the best ways to save money on heating and cooling your home is to sealing and insulating it. People notice air leaks more easily in the winter as they come from windows and doors, but the real energy drains come from your attic and basement. These attic and basement leaks can significantly raise your energy bill… [Read More]