HVAC Tips – What To Do If Your Northern Kentucky Air Conditioner has a Refrigerant or Freon Leak

Refrigerant or “Freon” is used to transfer heat “out of” or “into” your home. The efficiency of your HVAC system is compromised when the right levels of refrigerant are not kept in your HVAC Equipment. If your equipment has too much refrigerant it is said be “over-charged.” If your HVAC equipment has too little refrigerant than its undercharged…. [Read More]

Is it Hot In Your House? Here Are a Few Things That May Be Causing Your Cooling Problems…

If you air conditioner is running by not cooling your home or office there are some quick things to check that can make a world of difference to your cooling efficiency. It’s always best call call a professional into fix your AC but this article goes through some simple repairs you may be able to… [Read More]

Some Rooms Hot? Some Rooms Cold? The Problem Could Be Where Your Thermostat Is Located!…

This room is too hot! This room is too cold! What you really want to hear and feel, is this your room is just right! It could be that your thermostat is in the wrong place to make both rooms just right. Here are some suggestions to consider with the location of your thermostat… Is… [Read More]

Why Trying to Fix Your Home or Commercial HVAC Equipment Yourself is Almost Always a Mistake!

When you’re sick, you see a doctor. When you have a problem with today’s computerized cars, you see a mechanic. Why should you try to fix your air conditioning or heat yourself? A lot of us feel we are pretty handy and some of are handy, in most cases trying to fix your air conditioning or… [Read More]

Maintenance Contracts Aren’t Just a Way For Heating and Cooling Companies to Make Money. Your HVAC Equipment Needs It!

Getting maintenance on your Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky HVAC Equipment is similar to getting maintenance on your car. A car is an expensive purchase and you want to get full use long term for your investment. Same goes for your HVAC equipment. At bare minimum your car will need its oil checked, it’s filters replaced, fluids… [Read More]

HVAC Tips – Great Ways to Lower Your Heating Costs This Winter!

Get Your Home Ready for Winter Add weather stripping to doors and windows and calk where you see gaps. Add more insulation in your home or commercial building to save on energy costs Wrap hot water heaters with insulation also Add gaskets on all outside wall electrical outlets and switches Get a Programmable Thermostat and Use… [Read More]

Should I Winterize My Air Conditioning Unit When the Weather Changes?

When the weather turns colder, there are thing we must do to prepare our homes for the winter. One of your winterizing tasks will be to make sure your Air Conditioning unit is ready for the cold weather so we can increase it’s life and cut down on cold drafts throughout your home. One of your… [Read More]

Understanding Window Efficiency Labels and How To Lower Your Utility Bills With An Energy Efficiency Evaluation…

Scheduling an energy efficiency evaluation of your home and learning more about how much you can save is an eye opening experience. New windows are a major way to keep the work done by your HVAC System INSIDE your home or office! With the current emphasis on energy efficient windows, the National Fenestration Rating Council has… [Read More]

How Often Should I Change My Furnace’s Air Filter? Why Is It So Important?

Replacing the air filter in your furnace is not optional because over time not changing your air filter will ruin your HVAC system. Air filters protect your HVAC equipment and some can also help your health. Variables That Can Cause More Dirt in Your Air Filter Air filters only get dirty when the circulating fan… [Read More]

10 Questions To Ask HVAC Professionals Before Allowing Them To Install or Repair Your Air Conditioner or Furnace…

Questions to ask HVAC professionals before letting them work on your AC or Furnace… Are you and your subcontractors licensed to do HVAC installation and repairs? – Almost all homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover work completed by unlicensed contractors. Are you insured to do HVAC installation and repairs? – Your homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover… [Read More]