Smart Thermostats Save Money By Lowering Gas & Electric Bills! This Video Explains How…

Your thermostat tells your air conditioner or furnace to turn on or off depending on what temperature you set as your desired comfort level.  Many thermostat’s only have the one temperature to set manually, but there are also “programmable” thermostats which allow you to set times of the day and week when to raise and lower temperatures automatically, taking in to consideration when your home or office will be occupied, etc. The next step in thermostat technology is the “smart” thermostat.

Smart Thermostats…

  • Learn from your behavior
  • Allow you to control them from the internet on smartphone or other device.
  • Show energy consumption levels
  • Adjust themselves to compensate humidity

Using an app on your smartphone or some other device remote allows you to see how much you are spending to heat and cool or space whenever you like so that you can then tweak it’s programming to save money.

There are many advantages to having a smart thermostat and Phoenix Comfort Systems can walk you through the options and types that can best fit your preferences.

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