Air Conditioner Tips – How to Give Your Air Conditioning System a Long Life…

Air conditioning equipment doesn’t last forever but there are things that you can do to give it as long a life as possible. Most air conditioning systems last 15 years or so but it could be less depending on how you maintain the equipment over it’s lifespan. The keys to giving your  air conditioning system a long life is to give it a break once and a while, check for leaks, keep the unit clean, and check your airflow regularly. 

Giving Your Air Conditioner a Break

Try not to run the AC when it’s not needed. Nice fall and spring days are obvious times to give it a break but a programmable thermostat that can rest the air conditioning a bit while your away can go a long way to keeping your equipment in good shape for a long time.

If Your Air Conditioner is Leaking Refrigerant, It Has to Work Harder

Air conditioning systems use refrigerant to cool your space and even a small leak can cause your AC to work harder to keep your rooms cool. We suggest a professional Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky HVAC company check your air conditioning system at least once before every cooling season. While they are there, have them perform a seasonal system tune-up.

Keep Your Outside Unit Clean

Your outdoor unit holds the fan and compressor for your air conditioning system and for it to work properly it must pull air through the radiator-like coil that surrounds the compressor inside. You want to make sure there is nothing blocking the airflow on the top and that any plants nearby aren’t in it’s way. We suggest cutting back plants at least two feet from the sides of your outdoor unit. Also, check for leaves, clippings, and dirt that may have found their way inside your unit. CAUTION: Please be careful if you try to clean it yourself because the coil is very delicate and using high-pressure water or a brush can damage it. There is also electric and sharp metal inside the units so use extreme caution. This is a step we suggest you use a professional HVAC company. A clean outdoor unit will reduce the chance of mechanical failure.

Make Sure Your System is Getting Proper Airflow

After the equipment creates the cool air, it needs to be distributed correctly to cool your rooms efficiently. Make sure to not block vents or air supply registers with furniture or other items. A dirty filter can also prevent good airflow. Consult a professional or your equipment’s instructions on what kind of filter to replace and how often you should replace it.

Phoenix Comfort can make sure your HVAC equipment is running its best all year long with our planned maintenance program.

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