4 Ways To Know That the Time Has Come For an Air Conditioner Upgrade…

You need to be able to count on your air conditioner when you need it. Your cooling system will see a lot of wear and tear and that takes its toll over time. A day comes when no amount of maintenance or repairs will help. If that day comes this year you may have to consider an upgrade and want to purchase one that operates more efficiently and effectively. Here are some ways to tell you that the time has arrived…

Your AC is 10 to 15 years old

If that is the age of your air conditioner, you should consider a replacement. An air-conditioner of that age is more likely to breakdown and can end up costing you more in repairs and utilities that it is worth.

Your System No Longer Produces Cold Enough Air

When that first hot day arrives and you turn on the AC and after an hour you are still sweating in your home, and you turn down the thermostat lower and nothing happens you know your system is no longer doing its job. When this is the case you will want to schedule a new AC system installation sooner than later.

Your Utility Bill Is Too High Compared With Past Years

If your air conditioner is losing its efficiency and uses more energy than it should to cool your home, this will cause your utility bill to rise considerably. When this happens, it means your system needs to be replaced.

The Cost of Repairs Are More Than 50% The Price of a New Unit

If you have had more than a few repairs on your air conditioner recently, the cost of those repair calls may equal more than half the cost of a new system. That means it is time for a replacement.

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