10 Questions To Ask HVAC Professionals Before Allowing Them To Install or Repair Your Air Conditioner or Furnace…

Questions to ask HVAC professionals before letting them work on your AC or Furnace…

  1. Are you and your subcontractors licensed to do HVAC installation and repairs? – Almost all homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover work completed by unlicensed contractors.
  2. Are you insured to do HVAC installation and repairs? – Your homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover accidents, injuries, or damages and the the average claim on injury related deaths is near $1.6 million.
  3. Will you guarantee my comfort and satisfaction? – Get a 100% satisfaction guarantee in writing.
  4. Will you clean anything on or in my property that you make dirty? –  Trucks, people, fluids, grease, etc. will be involved in installing or repairing your HVAC equipment. Make sure the company you use will clean up after themselves.
  5. Will you remove my old equipment from my property if needed? – This is rarely itemized in the scope of work and can be a costly hassle to remove the equipment after they leave.
  6. Do you have office staff that can handle customer service situations 24/7? – You want to make sure you can get a hold of someone if something goes wrong no matter what day or time. You also want to have someone other than the person who made the installation or repairs helping you for proper checks and balances.
  7. How long have you been in business? – This is a very important question since 90% of all HVAC systems are installed incorrectly.  Make sure you have an experience company helping you.
  8. Will you guarantee that the price quote will be the final price? – This guarantee will stop contractors from getting past the competition with a low price only to charge you more later. The best HVAC contractors will catch everything they need to bill you for up front so this won’t be a problem for them.
  9. Will your work meet or exceed existing codes in my area? Fires due to code violations can void your homeowner’s insurance.
  10. Will you perform “Manual J” load calculation before designing or installing my HVAC system? This is done to avoid energy waste and comfort issues as well as getting your HVAC equipment to last as long as it should.

If you asked Phoenix Comfort Systems theses questions, we would answer YES to all of them! These aren’t all the questions to ask a potential HVAC contractor but we think they are the best ones to ask to protect yourself.

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