These Are a List of Furnace Sounds That You Shouldn’t Ignore…

Yep… Furnaces make some sound and this posts it meant to let you know which of those sounds to listen to and take action on. It could be a banging or popping sound coming from the duct work or a whistling or humming sound coming from the blower which are normal but the following sounds are something you should call a professional in to fix quickly…

Loud Boom or Banging

If it sounds like a gun went off when you turn on your furnace then you may have a gas build-up problem. A gas buildup can crack your heat exchanger and that could be dangerous and expensive for you family.  The best advise is to turn off the furnace and call a professional HVAC company pronto. If the banging turns out to be just duct work pops, then a professional can seal and insulate your ducts or replace smaller ducts or adjust your damper, etc. to fix the problem.

Clanking and Scraping

Metal against metal sounds are never a good sound for furnace to make. These sounds sometimes let you know that you have a problem with your furnace’s blower wheel or fan. Turn off your furnace and call in a professional. 


Loose panels and screws can cause a rattling noise. So could a leak or a crack in your heat exchanger. A professional can quickly diagnose where the problem is coming from.  It’s best to let a professional work on equipment when it involves a machine that has a bunch of power or gas feed to it for fuel. Turn off the furnace to make sure carbon monoxide isn’t being leaked inside your home. Then call a professional HVAC company for help.


Most times a rumbling sound means dirty gas burners or a pilot light that needs adjustment. Make sure your furnace flames are blue or shut off your furnace and call a professional HVAC technician quick. Red, yellow, orange, purple, or green flames show that your furnace isn’t operating like ti should and could be hazardous to your family.


Squealing, whining, and whistling noises aren’t as important as the other noises but still need to be fixed. High pitched furnace noises could be causes by a belt-driven motor being loose or damaged. It could be that your shaft bearings are dry. It could be your blower motor. Just shut it down and call a HVAC professional for some help. 

Mainteance Packages Prevent Most of These Noises from Occurring

Preventing problems is less experiences than fixing broken furnaces. A maintenance package will also increase your chances of not having a carbon monoxide leaks. Make sure to have CO detectors in the right places and make sure they are being checked routinely each month. They should be replaced every 10 years in most cases. 


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