Is Your Furnace Not Keeping Your Home Warm? View This List of What To Try and Not To Try…

During the beginning of cooler seasons, we start to think about our heating bills and how to keep warm. There’s lots information available, and here’s a few suggestions that may help you understand some concepts.

Turn the Heat Up

When we get cold in our homes, the first thing we want to do is turn the heat up, believing it will quickly warm the house. In fact, no matter how high the heat is set your system delivers air at the same rate. Turning the heat up only makes the furnace run continuously until it heats to the temperature you have set.

Repair Your Old Furnace

Furnaces will begin to show wear and tear because they work many hours every year to help keep your home warm and comfortable. You may need to repair it over the years to keep it running smooth, but there comes a time when it will cost more for repairs than to replace it. You can probably expect to get about twenty years, but when problems develop after that, it’s time to consider a new more efficient furnace.

Replace Your System

Replacing your old furnace with a new high-efficiency system helps reduce your heating bill, but there are other contributing factors you need to consider. Be sure your windows, doors and attic are properly insulated, and check for leaks and cracks in duct work to help keep that warm air from escaping.

Close Unused Vents

You might think that closing vents or registers in rooms you don’t use will save you money, but actually, this can cause your heating system to work harder, because the pressure is not distributed equally throughout the house.

Add a Larger Heating System

Your heating system needs to fit the size of your home. If your system is too big it can cause you to get a higher heating bill and might overheat your home. Do research before purchasing a new system, and if using a contractor, don’t let them sell you what you don’t need.

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