10 Questions to Ask a Northern Kentucky HVAC Company Before Letting Them Install or Repair Your Air Conditioner or Furnace

Question to Ask a Northern Kentucky HVAC Company before letting them work on your home… Are you and your subcontractors licensed to do HVAC installation and repairs? – Almost all homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover work completed by unlicensed contractors. Are you insured to do HVAC installation and repairs? – Your homeowner’s insurance policy may… [Read More]

Air Conditioner Tips – The Best Way To Give My Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Air Conditioning Equipment a Long Life

Air conditioning equipment doesn’t last forever but there are things that you can do to give it as long a life as possible.  Most Florence air conditioning systems last 15 years or so but it could be less depending on how you maintain the equipment over it’s lifespan.  The keys to giving your Boone County… [Read More]

Energy Efficiency Tip #1 – How to Find Air Leaks That Are Needlessly Adding to Your Energy Bills

Before the Fall and Winter come by this year it’s best to see what you can do to make your home Energy Efficient now. One of the best ways to save money on heating and cooling your home is sealing and insulating it.  Finding Air Leaks People notice air leaks more easily in the winter as they… [Read More]

Phoenix Comfort Systems is a Sponsor and Official Heating & Air Company For Florence Speedway! See our New Sign…

As a scoreboard sponsor and the official heating and air company of Florence Speedway, Phoenix Comfort systems is showing our commitment to local auto racing and to the racers and to it’s fans. Our sign was added to the left of the Florence Speedway’s new Westhold scoreboard. The scoreboard allows fans to keep up with the lap… [Read More]

Can a Smart Thermostat Save Money By Lowering My Gas & Electric Bill?

Your thermostat tells your air conditioner or furnace to turn on or off depending on what temperature you set as your desired comfort level.  Many thermostat’s only have the one temperature to set manually, but there are also “programmable” thermostats which allow you to set times of the day and week when to raise and… [Read More]