Air Conditioning Tips – Beware of These Air Conditioning Myths That May Cost You Money…

Seems like everybody has a way to to save a bit on their energy bills. The following are some myths about Air Conditioning that you’ll want to avoid…

Air Conditioners Don’t Really Need Tune-Ups

It can actually cost you more in the long haul, if you don’t get your air conditioner tune-up each year. The cost for most yearly maintenance is about $79, but when there’s a problem, most repairs will cost about $500. So, while you don’t want to spend the money since your AC is running great, it’s best to prevent problems from before they happen. Another important reason for yearly maintenance is that most manufacturers require routine maintenance to continue the warranty. If you lose the warranty, it will probably cost you more when your unit dies on a very hot day.

Using a Programmable Thermostat Won’t Save You Money

You will normally increase the cost of your air conditioning, if you keep your thermostat at a lower temperature all day when you are not home. If you raise the temperature about 10 degrees while you are away, you can save money, since it doesn’t take a great deal of extra energy to cool your house when you return. Temperature can be adjusted by adding a programmable thermostat that you can control from a mobile device, allowing you to lower the temperature, so you can return to a cool and comfortable home. We all want to reduce our cooling bills, and with a programmable thermostat, you decrease your energy usage throughout the day.

Ceiling Fans Lower the Room Temperature

Fans don’t actually reduce the temperature of your home, but they do help you keep cooler. The motors in your fan really produce heat, and cause heat in the air of your home! If you’re sitting under the fan it helps you feel cool, and a well-working fan can help maintain the temperature and may help cool the air by circulating. But it’s really just using energy and costing money, especially if your air conditioning is working well. Consider turning off ceiling fans when you don’t need the air to circulate, and especially, if no one is in the room.

It Doesn’t Matter Where the Thermostat is Installed

Be careful where you locate your thermostat. You don’t want it near a well-lit window or near appliances, it will think your home is warmer, which will cause the air conditioner to run more often, and increase your energy bill. If you locate it in a bedroom, you’ll enjoy the coolness of that room, but other room in your home will be much warmer. The thermostat will turn off once the bedroom temperature has cooled. It’s important to think about where you want your thermostat placed, to ensure your home is evenly cooled.

You Can Cool Your Home Quicker by Lowering the Thermostat

Lowering the thermostat doesn’t help your home cool any quicker it makes your AC operate longer. If you are comfortable at 75 degrees, but your thermostat says 77, set it at 75 and it will cool to that temperature. Turning the thermostat any lower than your desired temperature will only waste money and energy by making your system run longer.

Change Your Air Filter About Once a Year

Air filters need to be changed frequently, sometimes every month, depending on your needs, especially if your family suffers from respiratory or allergy problems. If you don’t change the filter frequently, it will cause your air conditioner to work harder and waste energy, and your hard earned money.

Check Craigslist For Air Conditioning Techs

The internet is a great place to search for an A/C technician, however, you need to be sure you are hiring a qualified company. You can check the Better Business Bureau to obtain information to determine if the company is accredited; they grade the company based on business history and practices. Keep in mind some web pages, such as Craigslist, permits anyone to post an ad. They don’t check to be sure a person is qualified, licensed or bonded, or even if they have training. It’s important to research the individual or company to be sure they are qualified to work on your particular air conditioner. Failing to research may cost you more money and time if the technician is unable to properly repair your A/C unit. You may eventually need to hire a more experienced company to fix their mistakes, and you end up paying double the repair costs!

Any Refrigerant Can Be Used in Your Air Conditioner

Some families are paying a higher price to refill their AC system’s refrigerant, due to government stopping production of R-22. You might want to get a second opinion if your service technician advises you to simply use a less expensive refrigerant. Prior to 2010, it was normal to use R-22 refrigerant to refill your AC system, as manufacturers identify the exact refrigerant your air conditioner is designed for. If you choose to use a different type of refrigerant, it could damage your unit and void the warranty. The damage could cost you hundred or even thousands of dollars to repair.

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